Chinese Electrodynamic Research and Education Society (abbr. CNEDRES) is a branch part of The Teaching and Learning Advisory Society of Chinese Higher Education Department. It's mission is, providing and maintaining communication platforms for electrodynamic-related teachers and researchers, including students which feel interested in this course. Its leading organization consists of 1 president, 5 vice-presidents and 20 around directors. It has 100 around members coming from 50+ universities including Peking, Nanjing, Fu-dan, Sun Yat-sen, Qing-hua, Chinese Science and Technology et al. It holds member-meetings everty two years, in which usually very broad areas related with the research and education of Electrodynamics are discussed.

The current site grows from the registration page of the 14th annual meeting of CNEDRES and maintained by one of its members, Dr Ding-fang Zeng from Beijing University of Technology. The two equations in the logo of this site are the Maxwell equations expressed in the language of differential forms. They got a two-way tie with the Euler Relation $e^{i\pi}+1=0$ in the reader poll of Physics World magazine in 2004. The relevant definitions are as follows: $dF=\partial_{\mu} F_{\nu\sigma}dx^{\mu}\wedge dx^{\nu}\wedge dx^\sigma$,  $d*F=\partial_{\phi}(\epsilon_{\mu\nu\sigma\rho}F^{\sigma\rho})dx^{\phi}\wedge$ $dx^{\mu}\wedge$ $dx^{\nu}$,  So the equations in this site-logo is the abbreviation of tensorial equation $\partial_{\mu}F^{\mu\nu}=j^{\nu},  \partial_{[\mu}F_{\nu\sigma]}=0$,  whose component form reads

$\left\{\begin{array}{l}\nabla\cdot\mathbf{E}=\rho\\\nabla\times\mathbf{B}=\mathbf{j}+\frac{\partial\mathbf{E}}{\partial t}\end{array}\right.$,  $\left\{\begin{array}{l}\nabla\times\mathbf{E}=-\frac{\partial\mathbf{B}}{\partial t}\\\nabla\cdot\mathbf{B}=0\end{array}\right.$

It can be thought that, this equation array and the property-structure of materials consist the total content of this course, "Electrodynamics". While members of our community can also be classified into two groups according to their research emphasis is more on this equation itself or more on the structure and property of materials。

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